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How to Avoid Counterfeit Wholesale Video Games

The video game market is a huge part of the entertainment industry. Since it is worth billions of dollars each year, it is easy to see why the market gets loaded down with counterfeit games coming from fake suppliers. This can create a problem for you if you are buying bulk games for your business or even if you just want to purchase them for your own use. Doing a quick internet search will bring up many sources, however, these sources may not be legitimate.

Technological advances today have made it easy for people to copy and counterfeit video games. With new releases making millions in the first day, it is easy to see why you can find so many fake games out there on the market. When you see top selling games online for really low prices beware! These are usually counterfeit.

These five rules can help you avoid counterfeit video games

Whether you are looking to buy new or even used games, these rules will help you avoid ending up with fakes. No matter what gaming system you are buying for from PS2 or Xbox or any of the others, these same rules will help you get legitimate wholesale games.

The first rule to consider is:

Think realistically. An authentic new release of a popular game selling an unbelievable low price just doesn’t legitimately happen. If it is a hot game that is selling well in the store, ask yourself this question – Why would this distributor be selling this at this low of a price? The answer is usually because it is a counterfeit.

The second rule is this:

When you find a wholesale game distributor that has multiple copies of a top selling popular video game when all the stores are out of stock, ask yourself this question – Why do they have so many of these games when the stores are all sold out? The answer is that they are probably counterfeit copies of the game. These are common listings on many online auction sites. When you see this, it should be a giant red flag! If you are considering buying one of these make sure to look closely at the description in the listing. Most counterfeiters will be quite vague in their description and will usually not disclose the manufacturer of the product. They also will most likely not say anything about the authenticity of the game. They do not mention this for a reason, if they don’t claim it to be real, then they figure you can’t complain when you receive a fake copy.

The third rule:

Video games that are listed as new but opened should put up a red flag for you. Make sure that you find out why it has been opened and why they are selling it. If you are buying them wholesale in lots, that have been opened, I would strongly recommend against this.

The fourth rule:

When you see a game advertised by video games wholesalers that is said to be new, but it does not come in the original box, beware! If the original instruction manual or booklet is not included you can bet it is probably a counterfeit.

The fifth rule:

Make sure you do some research on the wholesalers you are dealing with. Check out their feedback and search them on the web to look for any complaints against them. It is a good idea to try to call them on the phone and ask some questions. Most fake games come from Asia, so use caution when dealing with sellers in these areas.

These principles also apply when you are dealing with wholesale video games such as wholesale Wii games, wholesale Xbox games, wholesale ps3 games, wholesale PSP games, wholesale Xbox 360 games, wholesale Nintendo DS games, and even looking to purchase wholesale PC games and wholesale video game accessories.

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