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    This badboy is pushing me lately.

    Alright guys, this is the call to count up high


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    I begin:


    Hi and welcome,

    we're happy you found us and we would love to know about you and your projects.

    To introduce yourself open a new Thread in Introductions and if you like to you can use the following Template for your introduction:

    1. greeting
    2. some freestyle text about you and what you want to say and achieve etc.

    ► Name: --

    ► Age: --

    ► Gender: --

    ► GameDev since: --

    ► Coregames since: --

    ► Favourite Color: --

    ► Fav. Games: --

    ► Fav. Primitive in Core: --

    Arena Entry Song:
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    Hi Community,

    my name is Konstantin, known as Konz and I am the one who sets up this badboi of a community for your favourite Coregames to promote your games, get in contact with developers, learn to git gud at Game Development and be in a perfect circle to achieve successful game releases. I myself am a Webdeveloper, UI Designer and many more thigns from the topic of New Media Design.

    ► Name: Konstantin

    ► Age: Somewhat around the 30's

    ► Gender: Male

    ► GameDev since: ~ 2005

    ► Coregames since: 01.05.2020

    ► Favourite Color: Absence of light (Black/Grey is not a colour)

    ► Fav. Games: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Legend Of Legaia

    ► Fav. Primitive in Core: Cube (Bottom Aligned)

    Arena Entry Song:

    Hello Community,

    we now have official LUA Support on the whole website, also on the Forums.

    See attachement how to format / display LUA Code properly in your Forumposts.