BlueClairy says hi <3

  • Hi everyone, it's me BlueClairy =^..^=

    I'm an artist, teacher, cat lover, and Swiftie, recently branching into gamedev. My favorite thing to kitbash in Core is costumes. I create cute, creativity-encouraging games that people might label as "girly" (but of course my work is for everyone who likes cute creative things!)

    ► Name: Claire or Blue

    ► Age: 30's

    ► Pronouns: She or They

    ► GameDev since: 2020

    ► Coregames since: May 3 2020

    ► Favourite Color: Blue (That's why it's in my username)

    ► Fav. Games: Ocarina of Time, Katamari, The Sims, Banjo Kazooie, Flash games with paper dolls

    ► Fav. Primitive in Core: Basic Avocado! Perfect for costume body parts.